Introducing “Self-Rising Flower”: an enthralling audio journey chronicling the entrepreneurial odyssey of Erika Daniels, a resilient single mother who uncovers her passion for baking and embarks on a decade-long quest to build a dessert empire. Set to debut summer 2024, this immersive podcast audio theater dramatic series takes listeners on a captivating ride through pivotal moments in Erika’s life, from humble beginnings to the expansion of her bakery franchise across multiple states.

Gearing Up For Production!

The talented cast includes Ashley Johnson, who also serves as our producer, along with Izzy Miller, Asia Slater, Isaiah Evans, Lianna Perry Fountain, Lillie Mae Jones, and Davetta Harris with additional casting underway by casting director Theresa Matos. Each character brings depth and authenticity to the narrative, breathing life into Erika’s journey and the challenges she faces along the way.

Adding to the allure of “Self-Rising Flower” is the captivating original music composed by Liam Bradbury, complemented by the soulful vocals of Jerina Engel. Their contributions enhance the emotional resonance of the series, drawing listeners deeper into Erika’s world and the struggles she confronts.

Founder’s Origins!

In addition to the fictional narrative, we feature insightful interviews with real-life founders of small bakeries and eateries, offering a glimpse into their entrepreneurial spirit and the challenges they’ve overcome. These candid stories provide a fascinating parallel to Erika’s journey, showcasing the resilience and determination shared by entrepreneurs in the culinary industry. Explore these inspiring accounts on our site and discover the untold stories behind your favorite local businesses.

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