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Self-Rising Flower - Baking up an Inspiring Story!


Self-Rising Flower is a gripping 10-episode fiction podcast following the ascent of Erika Daniels – an underestimated young mother who discovers an incredible gift for baking and builds a homegrown dessert empire through perseverance despite both personal demons and nefarious external schemes threatening to crumble her hard-won success at every turn.

Listeners are transported into an intimate portrait of entrepreneurial hardship, strained family bonds, and reconciling past mistakes told through the eyes of a relatable underdog persevering against the odds.


Self-Rising Flower premieres Summer 2024 with new episodes released on a weekly basis over 10 weeks – delivering a season’s worth of the scripted audio drama focused on the inspiring journey of an unlikely founder beating odds to make her dreams reality over a ten-year journey towards small business growth.

Along the way, the show connects intimately with real bakeries, chocolatiers and creameries in our community for them to share their founder’s origins!


Self-Rising Flower comes from the visionary independent studio DesktopEpics Entertainment and a talented ensemble cast of performers devoted to groundbreaking fiction storytelling production.

The show represents a showcase creative passion project focused on spotlighting resilient figures and communities inspiring future generations to pursue their own bold ambitions.

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DesktopEpics Entertainment is a dynamic media venture, a creative haven where narratives come to life in various forms. Specializing in captivating storytelling across films, eBooks, podcasts, and more, we are committed to delivering compelling, thought-provoking experiences that resonate with audiences. Our diverse portfolio, from the empowering saga of “Self-Rising Flower” to the gripping suspense of “Predawn,” reflects our dedication to exploring the breadth of human emotion and experience.

Driven by a passion for originality and a commitment to quality, DesktopEpics is not just a content creator; it’s a catalyst for inspiration, sparking connections and conversations. As we stride towards becoming a media holding company, we invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey, where every creation contributes to an ever-expanding universe of storytelling excellence. Welcome to DesktopEpics Entertainment, where imagination knows no bounds, and every story is a world waiting to be explored.

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